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Sammy Lee

Team Leader,
Partner of Metcalfe, Blainey & Burns LLP

Sammy started his litigation practice in Hong Kong, China from 1977 to 1989 during this period of time, he attended at all levels of the Court including a landmark case on immigration in which the appellant with no status has established his right to be heard following an amnesty announcement by the government. (Attorney-General of Hong Kong v Ng Yuen Shiu (Privy Council) [1983] 2 W.L.R. 735; [1983] 2 A.C. 629.)

Sammy and his team has broad base experience in various types of common law civil litigation and he has practiced in Canada for over 32 years. The team has a good command of Chinese, Korean, and many European languages.

Sammy provides strong strategic decisions so as to minimize the otherwise expensive legal fees facing clients in law suits.

A team leader in civil litigation, Sammy has attended many cases involving interlocutory injunctions. He worked with his team in obtaining many successful cases and broadly summarized, in the following areas of law:

Commercial and Leases matters

Relief against forfeiture in commercial tenancy and eviction of tenants in commercial leases.

Mareva injunctions and other injunctive matters on shareholders’ dispute, breach of trust, contracts, debt collections and fraud.

Sale of goods disputes including international disputes and in particular, bill of lading, FOB and CIF contracts, letter of credits, documentary credits, insurance claims, and many cases are in relation to shipment from Hong Kong, China.

Negligence claims and tort

Tortious claims involving negligence, strict liability, tort of deceit, defamation and misrepresentations.

Real Estate disputes

Application on real estates involving relief including specific performance, vendor and purchaser motion for interpretation of clauses in an agreement as well as disputes in land transactions.

Protecting the interest of individuals against government and quasi governmental authorities

Review by court on actions relating to immigration and review of decisions in  tribunals;

Overcoming immigration inadmissibility issues including prior criminal offences and medical inadmissibility.

Judicial review of governmental decisions that are against natural justice or otherwise wrong on the face of the records.

Administrative laws involving Ontario Municipal Board and in re-zoning issues involving lands.

Tax appeal

Working with tax lawyers and accountants, we work as a team to overcome any unreasonable decisions or demands of the Canada Revenue Agency of Canada.

Service of proceedings out of jurisdiction

Our team assists legal practitioners in serving statement of claims out of jurisdictions to Hong Kong and China. We also assist in parallel litigation in both jurisdictions and Canada. We are strong in remote conferences in both jurisdictions.

Volunteer Activities

Sammy has been legal advisor on various groups including Chinese Christian Mission of Canada, Macao Club (Toronto) Inc. and Showers of Blessings Evangelistic Ministry. Sammy had sat on JusticeNet (non-profit) organization, North York General Hospital Foundation, Markham Theatre Board and Fred Varley Art Gallery.

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