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Tort law comprises civil wrongs that cause harm or injury to individuals or their property. Some areas of tort law that our team is experienced in includes:

  • Product Liability: Representing those involved in claims relating to defective or dangerous products. We focus on claims of sale of goods that include the tort of negligence and defective products. We are particularly experienced in international trade with product disputes.

  • Intentional Torts: Handling cases involving intentional acts that cause harm, such as assault, battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, or trespass.

  • Nuisance Claims: Assisting clients in addressing private or public nuisances that interfere with the use and enjoyment of their property, seeking injunctions and damages for the resulting harm.

  • Tort of intrusion upon seclusion is added to the legal landscape to protect against the unlawful invasion of privacy. This decision is particularly important in today's virtual world where mass amounts of sensitive and private information can be stored online.

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