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Contractual Dispute

Contractual Dispute

At the core of every business relationship lies a contract. A well-written contract provides a solid backbone to working relationships by outlining the expectations, duties, and obligations of the parties. Contracts are intended to be a shield against various disputes that may materialize over the course of a business relationship.

Unfortunately, even the most comprehensive and well-drafted contracts can lead to disputes.

Every commercial transaction started with a contract. In the case of transactions involving sale of goods, the additional statutory provisions in various acts of the province will regulate the potential rights and liabilities of the parties. The Sale of Goods Act, 1990 is one of those regularly employed Acts.

Depending on the types of disputes, we are experienced to handle and assist our clients in navigating through those complex laws to find a solution for them.

Additionally, if you have a dispute involving international sale of goods, our team has very experienced litigators that can handle this type of issue, including payment disputes that involve documentary letter of credits.

Generally, MBB Litigation will handle this area of laws and we have regularly handled the following categories:

  • Breach of Contract: Resolving disputes arising from contract breaches, non-performance, or failure to meet contractual obligations.

  • Contract Interpretation: Providing legal guidance and representation in cases where the parties have different interpretations of contract terms and conditions.

  • Sales of Goods Disputes: Assisting clients in resolving disputes related to the sale of goods, including issues with delivery, defective goods, breach of warranties, or non-conforming goods.

  • Payment Disputes: Advocating for clients in disputes over payment, including unpaid invoices, delayed payments, or disputes over the amount owed. We will fight to recover disputed payments on C.I.F. and F.O.B. contracts including all forms of disputes in documentary credits relating to international trades.

  • Termination and Repudiation: Assisting clients in handling contract termination or repudiation issues, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and advising on mitigation as a means to minimize damages and loss.

  • Supply Chain Disputes: Resolving conflicts within supply chains, including issues with suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, or logistics providers.

  • Fraud and Misrepresentation: Representing clients in cases involving fraud, misrepresentation, or deceptive practices related to contractual agreements or the sale of goods.

  • Remedies and Damages: Advising clients on available remedies and pursuing claims for damages, including compensatory, consequential, or liquidated damages.

Our team understands that each contractual dispute or sales of goods issue is unique, and we approach each case with a tailored strategy. We prioritize finding practical and cost-effective solutions, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

At MBB Litigation, we combine our legal expertise with a deep understanding of our clients' industries and business objectives. We are committed to minimizing legal costs while protecting our clients' interests, and will mitigate risks, and achieve favourable outcomes in contractual disputes and sales of goods litigation.

If you are facing a contractual dispute or require legal guidance regarding the sale of goods, our experienced lawyers are here to assist you. Contact MBB Litigation today to schedule a consultation and discuss your legal needs.

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