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Micah I. Ryu

Barrister & Solicitor

Micah was called the bar in Ontario in 2021 and began his career as a lawyer at a very prominent personal injury law firm where he primarily practiced personal injury litigation. He now practices in general civil and commercial litigation at Metcalfe, Blainey & Burns LLP. 

Prior to graduating from law school at the University of Western Ontario, Micah gained work experience in a variety of industries, including politics, construction, journalism, and agriculture. 

Even outside of work, Micah has always been a curious, ambitious, and adventurous individual. He enjoys going hunting, getting better at making investments, and learning foreign songs; he can actually sing the national anthem of any country in the world. 

These qualities, combined with his experience, allow Micah to quickly grasp the ins and outs of a variety of disputes, understand his clients’ interest in light of commercial realities, and situate them in the legal landscape to formulate the best strategy to protect his clients’ interests.

Micah is fluent in English and Korean.

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