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Insurance Defense

Insurance Defense

MBB Litigation offer expertise in the following areas of insurance defense:

  • Claims Investigation: Conducting thorough investigations into insurance claims to gather evidence, assess liability, and determine the validity of the claim.

  • Coverage Analysis: Analyzing insurance policies to interpret coverage provisions, exclusions, and limitations, providing advice to insurance companies regarding their obligations and potential coverage defenses.

  • Representation in Actions: Representation in insurance actions, applications, arbitrations, negotiations, and mediations to determine coverage while selecting suitable experts and consultants to supplement coverage analyses.

  • Property and Casualty Defense: Advocating for policyholders on property damage claims, including fire, theft, natural disasters, and other property-related losses.

  • Professional Liability Defense: Representing professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, and architects, in professional liability claims and malpractice lawsuits.

  • Construction Defect Defense: Defending or advancing construction defect claims, including issues related to design, workmanship, materials, and contractor liability.

We recognize the importance of providing strong legal defense to insurance companies or policyholders, ensuring the protection of their interests.

If you require assistance with insurance defense matters, we are here to help. Contact MBB Litigation today to schedule a consultation and discuss your insurance defense needs with one of our experienced lawyers.

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