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Estate & Trust Litigation

Summary of Facts

Two family members were in dispute on the estate of the deceased mother. A lived and resided in Hong Kong, and B lived in Canada. A gave a sum of money to B to invest in Canada and formed a Canadian company to buy a property in Toronto. 

A was asked by B to hold 49% shares to make the company a Canadian controlled company and B holds 51% shares. B agreed and acknowledged that A is the beneficiary of the whole Company. 

After years of avoidance and distraction by ducking the details of accounting, B was in fact used the Property through refinancing to obtain cash for further investment in his own name. 

B, over the years, made a lot of investment in real estates and made money to the level of millions of dollars.

The Results

We obtained an urgent Mareva injunction and froze all the assets of B and then hired a forensic accountant to trace the assets of B.

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